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Widex Remote Controls

All Widex digital hearing aids are working automatically but this does not mean that you cannot use a remote in the event that you want complete control over the gadget. At the moment we do have the possibility of buying Widex remote controls in the flexible, handy and discreet RC3 and RC4. There are two types of RC4 models in the RC4-1 and RC4-2. They can be used for all the devices in the Mind 440 range. This includes power BTE and CIC. There are also 2 types of RC3 models in the RC3-1 and RC3-2. You can use these for AIkia, Inteo and Passion models. It should be added that you cannot interchange the remotes and they will only work with the gadgets that they were designed for.

With the use of the Widex remote controls you can access listening programs that have been individually customized and take advantage of all the options and features included. Lately we have noticed that digital hearing aids were built in order to mainly automatically respond to the surrounding environment. All the settings of importance like signal processing, volume and various other instruments are optimized and there is no need for the user to interfere. The Widex hearing aids are the same, completely automatic, but you can make using them even more enjoyable with the addition of Widex remote controls.

Widex Remote Controls Features

  • Highly intuitive design
  • Clear display of hearing aid settings
  • Lighted Display
  • Large control keys
  • Included Key Guard – Protects against accidental key pressing
  • Discreet operation from handbags or pockets
  • Binaural fittings to simultaneously adjust every single feature
  • Binaural fittings for individual or simultaneous program and volume adjustments – Only present in RC3-2 and RC4-2 models
  • Zen Relaxation program control in the models that include it – Only featured in the RC4-2 Widex Remote Controls.
  • Simplified hearing aid usage obtained through intuitive remote control buttons.