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Widex Hearing Aids Prices

Widex stands out as one of the best manufacturers of hearing aids at the moment. All the models that are launched are of a really high quality and you might want to consider them for purchase. The hearing aids lines range from the really small Widex Passion RIC hearing aid to some really complex models that include a lot of technology and advanced features.

Widex Prices

Let us now take a look at some actual Widex Hearing Aids prices so that you know what to expect. Keep in mind that there might be differences when you are going to go to a dealer. We recommend that you focus on buying the hearing aid online because of the many discounts that you are going to locate. In addition, you can thus be able to buy a Widex hearing aid even in the event that you do not have a dealer in your country. This is one of the biggest advantages to buying online.

Passion 440
2 Years
$2,999 - $4,600
Mind 440
2 Years
$2,899 - $4,500
Mind 330
2 Years
$2,599 - $4,195
Mind 220
1 Year
$1,999 - $3,100
Up to 2 Years
$1,999 - $2,899
1 Year
$1,599 - $1,699
2 Years
$1,699 - $2,800
Passion 115
2 Years
$2,899 - $3,900
2 Years
$2,699 - $3,800
Passion 110
2 Years
$2,599 - $3,700
2 Years
$1,899 - $3,700
Passion 105
2 Years
$1,999 - $3,100
2 Years
$1,999 - $4,600

Recommended Models

list of widex high definition models

The first model that we need to recommend is the Widex Bravissimo Elan. It is basically an open ear aid and comes with entry level technology. You will need to pay $1,600 for it but it also includes automatic feedback managed and soundstabilizer. At exactly the same price you can also opt for the Bravissimo custom and behind the ear models. They are basically the same except the type is different. You can easily choose the one that best fits your personal needs.

The Widex Flash line is really interesting and comes to the table with different types of hearing aids. All of them include mid level technology. You can opt for the Elan open ear hearing aid at around $1,700 or the BTE hearing aid at $1,750. There is also an open hearing aid with the price tag of $1,750 in the M model. The Flash line includes noise reduction, a locator system and integrated signal processing.

The Widex mid level technology Senso line is among the most purchased by customers. There are many models and the prices will be around $2,200. Different types are available and every single device will include digital signal processing and noise reduction. We do have some extra features on the Diva models with feedback cancelling and the trademark Directional Intelligence locator system.

The highest Widex hearing aids prices can be found in the Passion 115 RIC and the Mind 440 BTE models. Both of them cost around $2,900 and include very interesting features. We are faced with integrated dual signal processing, a high definition locator system and advanced active feedback canceling.

The Best Widex Hearing Aids Prices

In conclusion we need to just say that the best prices are always available online. You will be surprised to notice the big discounts available and the fact that the shipping and handling is cheap will definitely be attractive. We recommend that you pay attention to every single detail of the Widex hearing aid because of the similar price tags of some devices. This will aid you in making the best decision possible.