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Why People Love Disposable Hearing Aids

by MBMoro on March 19, 2011

There are different types of hearing aids that are available on the market at the moment. Each model is different and includes some features and the price tags vary a lot. It is quite hard to make a choice and the biggest problem is the fact that some people are not able to afford purchasing good hearing aids. Disposable hearing aids appear as a great solution for many of them. These devices are perfect for any person that suffers from moderate to mild hearing loss. In fact, if you are among those that just started to lose hearing capabilities, you might want to seriously consider this option. A disposable hearing aid will offer very similar features and quality as the traditional hearing aids on the market but you will be able to save some money.

A disposable hearing aid will function like all hearing enhancement products on the market. They will include a soft, small cap that will fit inside our ear canal and are worn for around 30 to 40 days till the battery will expire. As soon as this happens they are to be discarded. The problem is that you can only get a disposable hearing aid through a prescription and you do need to consult audiologists in order to see exactly which type is perfect for you. Just as with regular hearing aids, the disposable models are recommended for a particular hearing loss level.

Disposable Hearing Aids Advantages

Those that used disposable hearing aids in the past will tell you that there are many benefits that are associated with using them when we compare with regular gadgets. The first thing that comes to mind is availability. As soon as your hearing examination is over you will know exactly what you need. This basically means that you will not have to wait for a custom made device to be created for you. There are some people that will be faced with fine motor movement losses up to a partial degree because of arthritis or some other illnesses. When this happens the disposable hearing aid is ideal because battery changes are not needed. When it expires the hearing aid is just thrown away and a brand new set is purchased.

One more benefit of using a disposable hearing aid is the fact that it eliminates earwax build up problems together with the possibility of developing canal blockage. This happens because you will wear the unit for a shorter period of time. When we are using regular hearing aids we can end up with expensive upkeep and maintenance needed. The notoriety of disposable hearing aids is constantly growing because of this very reason. In addition, if you see that the gadget is faulty you can just return it and you will receive a replacement or a refund.

On the short term disposable hearing aids are really cheap. Most of the models will cost around $40 for a pair and this is basically around 1 dollar per day. Those that have a smaller budget will like this possibility since a custom model can cost thousands. On a short term the disposable hearing aids are saving you money.

Disposable Hearing Aids Disadvantages

Even if the benefits are many, we also need to take a look at the drawbacks of buying disposable hearing aids in order to realize whether or not they are good for us. These devices are not to be considered a solution for long term in the event that you are suffering from hearing loss. Also, as time passes the money that you spend will be more than with traditional hearing aids. This is because you will need to replace the device when the battery dies. After 2-3 years you will end up noticing that you could have bought a custom hearing aid. In addition, disposable hearing aids will not be custom fitted. Such a fact translates in a lack of comfort when compared to long term custom hearing aids.

Should You Buy Disposable Hearing Aids?

The truth is that your main goal should be to buy a regular hearing aid. The disposable hearing aids are a great solution but you will have to always make sure that you need them. Consult an audiologist and keep your eyes on the regular models. Use disposable hearing aids as a temporary solution. This might be needed because of the fact that you do not have enough money to buy one of the expensive models. As time passes you can save money and then buy a good, custom built hearing aid. Remember that there are some companies that will offer you a payment plan. You would end up paying around the same price that you would pay for a disposable device but when the payments are over there are no extra charges except maintenance and occasional repairs.

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