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Where to find low-cost hearing aids?

by Blog Editor on July 29, 2012

Before going into any details as to where to find low cost hearing aids, it should be pointed out that having a specialist decide what type of hearing aid will be required will be necessary before doing anything else.

Only by having a professional hearing test done will users be able to tell exactly which model they require. An independent audiologist may be able to give advice on a couple of different makes and models that will be suitable for the amount of hearing loss experienced. This will then make it possible to shop around for more than a single model; opening price ranges up a little more.

Performing a Search

There are several different options of looking for low cost hearing aids. One is, of course, to trawl through a variety of shops and see what they have on offer. This is obviously very time-consuming.

The best idea, therefore, is to do a search online. Once the brand name and model of a suitable hearing aid is known, there are, again, there several options.

  • Epinions – Typing the brand name and model of the hearing aid into the search box here should come up with some good results. This site can be found at:
  • BizRate – Again, typing in the hearing aid model and name will come up with a list of suppliers, which can then be contacted for prices. BizRate can be located here:
  • MySimon – This is another site that will come up with suppliers from which to pick a deal:

Low Cost Suppliers

Another option is to go straight to some suppliers that are known to sell comparatively inexpensive hearing aids and see if they carry the required make and model.

There are several of these sites, and some of them actually list prices, which is quite a rarity when it comes to hearing aids – there seems to be a great deal of secrecy surrounding hearing aid prices.

It is understandable that no exact prices can be offered, as each individual will need different features, a different style, and so on, but one would have thought that a ‘’ range would be possible in most cases. But never mind all that, here is a list of reasonable priced suppliers of hearing aids – as far as we know.

Genesis Hearing Labs – Apparently prices at this site are also most

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