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Vivatone Hearing Aids Review

One of the main problems of using hearing aids is the fact that most users feel as though they are plugged up. This arises due to the fact that their voices do not sound real or rather you might find someone complaining that all they hear is echoes. Well, this happens when one chooses a line of hearing aids that are not design to par. With Vivatone hearing aids you can rest assured that the problem of hearing sound echoes around you would have been dealt with. In addition to this, the latest models are designed to ensure that an individual hears comfortably in the most natural way. Certainly, Vivatone hearing aids do not focus on simply getting their products to the market but they also consider the hearing demands that people are after.

The introduction of the canal technology is quite an advantage to Vivatone considering the fact that they have 2 models in the market utilizing this technology. With the help of this innovation hearing aid problems such as echoes and the feeling of being plugged is avoided at all cost. Below are the models:

Entre Plus: These models are available in champagne, charcoal, silver and beige colours.

Entre plus- 550: This is a good hearing aid that is completely discreet. When wearing this type one would not notice that you are actually using any hearing aid device. Its battery life is also fair given the fact that it lasts up to 80 hours.

Entre plus- 450: This model is somewhat better than the 550 in terms of its battery life performance. This device can last up to 160 hours without having to be charged. Another advantage that it offers is that its microphone can pick sound from any direction. This implies that you can hear everything that happens around you in the most natural way.

Entre plus- 350: This entre model is unique in that it fits perfectly into the ear. Additionally, it has got an excellent battery performance that would ensure you do not have to constantly charge it.

Entre plus -250: In comparison to the higher models this type has got a fewer number of channels. The best part is that its microphone can pick sounds from any direction you want. Remembering your settings is easy with this type of model since it has got 6 programming bands.

Entre plus- 225: This is considered as the baseline model. However, it has got an excellent battery performance of 160 hours.

In addition to the models above, there are also the Prelude Models that are worth taking advantage of. They are available in grey or beige colours.

  • Prelude 50

  • Prelude 25