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Sudden Hearing Loss Causes

There are many people that had normal hearing and then they were faced with a loss of hearing capabilities. Such a condition is extremely disturbing and frustrating for those that suffer from it. In most situations the person will even be affected psychologically and many have even committed suicide when they were faced with sudden hearing loss.

Sounds are obviously tolerated for many may years, as long as the sounds level is within an acceptable range.” Doctor Katz, Surgeon Director of Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital, explains the ways in which hearing loss can occur, including tinitus, which is the ringing sound so often heard after concerts.

The biggest problem is the fact that you are used to your hearing. If you are faced with gradual hearing loss you can get used to the condition but if it all happens really fast then the effect is incredible. You will not be able to hear what others are telling you anymore and you cannot participate in socializing events in a regular manner. Unfortunately we need to understand that sudden hearing loss is possible and can affect any person.

Sudden hearing loss appears when we see hearing reduction of more than 30 dE that happens in under 72 hours. In some cases it is caused by different problems that appear in the regular hearing pathway and that interferes with sound transmission. In the event that it will only happen in one ear it is known as unilateral hearing loss. Unfortunately, even so it is really hard to deal with losing your hearing.

Unfortunately we see that people are usually not aware of the causes that are linked with sudden hearing loss. Contrary to what you might believe, the most common cause is ear infection that leads to hearing loss. This is especially dangerous in the event that we see that fluid will accumulate behind a person’s eardrum. Such a scenario will usually lead to sudden hearing loss. Also, the most common cause that we all imagine is getting a head injury like fractured skull. This does lead to sudden hearing loss in some occasions.

Noise pollution is another thing that we need to pay attention to. There are reasons why there are different safety measures that are used in various working environments. You can end up with noise exposure to cause sudden hearing loss. This usually happens when you are really close to a powerful explosion or fireworks explosions. There are also some cases in which you will suffer from sudden hearing loss after some ear surgeries. In this case the loss is not always sudden.

The bottom line is that we need to always protect ourselves and always use hearing protection whenever the situation requires it. Also, whenever faced with any level of hearing loss we need to go to the doctor. Sudden hearing loss is not the only problem that we might need to deal with.