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Sonic Hearing Aids

sonic hearing aids naturaSonic hearing aids are less known on the market because of the fact that they are created by Sonic Innovations, a company that has just joined this industry. What is interesting is the fact that Sonic is currently the fastest growing such company in the world. It now develops, markets, manufactures and designs the patented Sonic hearing aids that you will see and all of the models are going to utilize digital signal processing. We are basically in front of really good technology and there are different Sonic hearing aids models that are built on the basis of those that are going to use them. We can divide their products in 3 main categories: Top Tier Sonic Hearing Aids, Mid Tier Sonic Hearing Aids and Low Tier Sonic Hearing Aids.

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Top Tier Sonic Hearing Aids

The most important model that Sonic currently sells is the SV Sonic hearing aid. It comes with very good technology and can really help those that are faced with various types of hearing problems. SV stands for Sonic Velocity and it was created in order to offer the biggest value and performance for customers. We are in front of a really comfortable hearing unit that will offer reliable hearing for many years and it is completely unobtrusive.

In the top tier Sonic Hearing Aids line we should also include Balance. It is highly similar when compared with SV but it offers extra support for those that want to hear low level sounds and it is perfect for being involved in difficult conversations with multiple partners. To put it simple, the top tier Sonic Hearing aids are the best models that the company can offer at the moment

Mid Tier Sonic Hearing Aids

Out of the models that one might want to buy we need to recommend the Sonic Applause hearing aid. It comes with many different options including the possibility to program 3 listening settings. There are also optional volume controls that can be equipped if the client wants them.

Basic (Low) Tier Sonic Hearing Aids

There are different models that are included in this category. The one that stands out is Natura Pro. This Sonic hearing aid is really comfortable and can be adjusted with ease. In the event that you are faced with a low budget and still want quality we can recommend it.

To sum up, Sonic Hearing aids are really good and all reviewers out there agree with this statement. Even if the company has just started getting involved in the market, we can expect numerous new products to be launched in the near future. Sonic has managed to establish itself as a highly reliable manufacturer.