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SongBird Hearing Aids

SongBird hearing aids are really popular nowadays as they managed to revolutionize the way in which people suffering from moderate to mild hearing problems live. These devices are now available for purchase for all the people that want to use them. They are highly affordable and completely disposable. We now see that the highly popular Flexfit SongBird hearing aid model was redesigned according to customer feedback. This has made it almost ideal for all people out there.

SongBird is a new company in the market and it first launched their in the ear device on a direct to consumer basis in late 2003. It managed to gain a high amount of sales during the first year, which was basically a test period. At the end of 2004 we saw that all the models were pulled from the market in order to re-evaluate the approach that the company took. It successfully addressed all the issues that came from customer feedback and eventually returned on the market with a highly improved model.

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Now we see the new Flexfit SongBird hearing aid, which was actually developed by Sarnoff Corporation. This company is responsible for inventing much of the technology that we now see used in HDTV and even Digital Satellite Television. With such a background it is easy to see why the new SongBird hearing aids include high technology components that are perfectly designed for hearing aids use. The sound quality offered is as high as possible and even the battery life was increased due to the features included. Battery life was increased to 400 hours of using the SongBird hearing aids actively. The volume will be controlled by a very small wheel that is located on the device’s body. That volume control also works as an on/off switch.

When we first saw SongBird hearing aids on the market we were happy to notice that comfort levels were really high. This is also true with the new designs. The hearing aids will fit directly behind your ear and the tip that is put inside it is really small. You will find that it is highly adjustable in order to offer custom fitting while also including foam rings in order to help the device to stay in place in the event that the gadget constantly slips out of the ear. The SongBird hearing aids are really compact in design and you will love the fact that they are really small and hard to notice.

One thing that you will surely love about SongBird hearing aids is the fact that the gadgets are highly affordable. They can be used without having to go to a specialist and there is basically no maintenance needed. All that you really need to do is keep the ear clean by removing earwax so that the battery life noticed is longer and the sound quality you gain is higher. All SongBird hearing aids will include a special wax removal brush that you can use in order to achieve this.

SongBird hearing aids are nowadays a lot better than the model that was first released, even if that one also brought in a very good response from people that used them.