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Siemens Hearing Aids Prices

Siemens Hearing Instruments is the name of the company that manufactures and engineers some of the most interesting hearing aids on the market. It currently offers many custom and BTE models together with CIC, ITC and CIC. At the moment the company is the largest hearing aids manufacturer in US and there are hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. What is interesting is the fact that Siemens is spending over 5 billion dollars every single year on development and research. At the moment we can say that they are among the best in the world at what they are doing.

Prices Sorted by Model

Siemens Motion 700/7012 Years16 & 16$2300-$3900
Siemens Pure 700/7012 Years16 & 16$2300-$3600
Siemens Life 700/7012 Years16 & 16$2300-$3900
Siemens Motion 500/5012 Years8 & 8$2000-$3100
Siemens Life 500/5012 Years12 &12$2000-$3000
Siemens Pure 500/5012 Years8 & 8$2000-$3100
Siemens Nitro 162 Years16 & 8$2300-$3600
Siemens Motion 300/3012 Years8 & 4$1700-$3000
Siemens Life 300/3012 Years8 & 8$1700-$2500
Siemens Nitro2 Years6 & 3$1700-$2900
Siemens Motion 100/1012 Years6 & 4$1500-$1900

Note: Prices vary depending on your state/country. Contact an audiologist near you or the hearing aid company directly to obtain prices for your region.

Prices Sorted by Brand

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The Siemens Pure Line

siemens pure modelThe Siemens Pure Line features 3 models in the Pure 301, Pure 501 and Pure 701. The 301 costs around $1,850, the 501 around $2,200 and the 701 around $2,800. One special BTE earmold, which might be needed, will cost around $70. The hearing aids come with a lot of technology in them and you will surely love the fact that they are quite small. You will definitely love the fact that the gadgets can automatically adjust to the surroundings, thus being able to offer a great audio quality.

The Siemens Life Line

siemens life modelThe Life line also has 3 models in Life 301, Life 501 and Life 701. The price tags are exactly the same as with the Pure line but the differences can be found in included features. You will mostly enjoy the connectivity features, as they are truly useful for some people. Everything is done through the trademark TEK wireless enhancement system. In the event that you do not need this extra feature you can always not included it in your hearing aid. This would make the devices a little cheaper.

The Motion Series

siemens motionThe Motion series can be divided in two categories when thinking about performance. We thus have the lower technology models in the Motion 100 and Motion 300 models. They cost $1,600 and $1,850. The upper technology models are the Motion 500 and the Motion 700. For the 500 you will have to pay around $2,300 and for the 700 around $2,800. These hearing aids are packed with very attractive features that you will surely like.

The Nitro Series

siemens nitroThe Siemens Nitro series includes 2 CIC models in the Nitro and the Nitro 16. The Regular model costs around $2,000 and the 16 will have a higher price tag at around $2,500. This series is basically created for people that are suffering from serious hearing loss. They are small and can offer a very high sound amplification. All the extras like noise reduction or feedback cancellation are included.

Finding the Best Siemens Hearing Aids Prices

The prices above are the best ones that we could find at the moment. Keep in mind that from time to time you might be able to notice some better prices that are offered by different Internet stores. You will need to be attentive though and make the right choice. Look at all that the hearing aids have to offer before you are going to buy.