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Rion Hearing Aids

There are a number of hearing aid devices out there but truth be told, Rion simply tops them all. This unique hearing aid device is built to serve those that have hearing problems. In comparison to other hearing aids there are some unique aspects of Rion that make it to stand out. For example, the excellent designs that Rion devices have ensure that the batteries can be placed without having to worry about their polarities. Besides, something more interesting is that a patient can use the hearing aid devices in any environment that they are in, including watery places. This is because Rion hearing aids are water resistant. Yes, they are! Amazing right? With these devices you can take a shower, swim with your friends and even work while it is raining.

Some models from Rion include:


HB-L1 is one of the best hearing aid equipment that Rion has to offer. It is frequently described using three words i.e. it is light, small and powerful at the same time. Judging by the description the hearing tool is light to ensure that echoes are eliminated. This therefore ensures that quality sound is heard by the patient using it. Its small nature is to ensure that patients wearing it behind the ear feel comfortable. This model can be used by any patient suffering from hearing problems since it works for those suffering from mild hearing problems to moderate hearing issues. For those who love to choose from a range of colors then this is the device that you should be taking home. It comes with 13 different colors to entice the patients.

A-Series types (All-rounder types)


This is a CIC model with average battery life of about 80 to 100 hours. This implies that you can use the hearing aid device for more than 3 days.


This is a canal device from Rion and it has the advantage of being small. Its battery life is better than HI-G5A since it can be used to more than 135 hours.


HB-G2A is a behind the ear hearing device that will serve you for 320 hours without needing to be charged.

Well, the list of hearing aid devices from Rion is endless. There are different products to suit patients’ demands, all one has to do is to choose the best that suits them. As a reminder, it is important to focus on the additional features that come in handy. This will make certain that the devices bought would work perfectly as prescribed.