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Rexton Remote Control

Nowadays the hearing aids on the market have many more features and offer a lot more possibilities than in the past. Rexton definitely understands the needs of people that suffer from hearing loss problems and offers very good extras to make everything even better. One of the optional accessories that you can acquire together with most of the Rexton hearing aids is the Rexton Remote control.

We recommend that you talk to your health professional in order to receive a free demonstration of how easy it is to use this hearing aid remote control. It is built around wireless technology and allows the user to control the hearing aid without having to actually remove it. Every single Rexton Remove Control is individualized, inconspicuous and easy to use.

Keep in mind that the Rexton Remote control is only available with some Rexton hearing aids. You are only able to use it in the event that you have Insite, Gem+, Day, Bridge or Cobalt+ models. In addition, if you believe that the hearing aid remote is not enough for your personal needs, you can opt for the Blu RCU accessory. It is basically a combination of this remote control with many other added high quality features that will make your listening experience even better. This is especially true when combining the device with stereo players, TV sets or mobile phones. However, the regular Rexton Remote Control does include everything that you need in order to control the device and this is what most users want from a remote control.