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Rexton Hearing Aids Prices

The great thing about the prices of Rexton hearing aids is the fact that they are much more affordable when compared with others on the market. The entire line of products is tailored for those that cannot spend too much on such devices. This does not mean that the quality is not good. In fact, we can say that the Rexton hearing aids offer us prices that are very good when we think about what technology we can take advantage of. In fact, numerous doctors from all around the world are recommending the Rexton devices due to their affordability.

rexton hearing aid modelsWe have to understand that the prices of Rexton hearing aids might still not be affordable for some people. We are still referring to over $1,000 for most models. If you cannot buy you should be aware of the possibility of obtaining a personal loan. Many stores are offering you a great deal thanks to contracts that were signed with private loan companies and there is also the chance to opt for a payment plan. In this case you would end up paying just $50 per month to buy your Rexton hearing aid or even lower monthly payments can be agreed upon if needed.

Prices Sorted by Model

Rexton Insite2 Years16 & 8$2000-$3500
Rexton Cobalt 162 Years16 & 8$2100-$3300
Rexton Bridge 122 Years12 & 8$1750-$2900
Rexton Gem 122 Years12 & 8$1950-$3200
Rexton Bridge 82 Years8 & 6$1550-$2600
Rexton Gem 82 Years8 & 6$1759-$2800
Rexton Targa Plus2 Years4 & 4$1400-$2100

Note: The prices vary depending on your location. Please contact your local audiologist or the hearing aid company directly to obtain the exact prices for your region.

Prices Sorted by Brand

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Out of all the prices of Rexton hearing aids we are just going to talk about some of the most popular models. The one that is really well sold because of the low price is the Rexton Targa Plus. It comes with a regular catalog price of $2,000 but after discounts you can acquire one for just around $1,400. For around $50 more you can opt for the Day Hearing Aid, which is still a really good device. In the event that you can afford to spend more, we recommend the Rexton Insite Hearing Aid. It includes a lot of technology and can be purchased in stores for around $2,000. For $100 more you can even opt for the Rexton Cobalt 16 RIC Hearing aid.

Keep in mind that the prices of Rexton hearing aids can always change but they will surely be among the most affordable on the market. The company prides itself with this fact and with the very good technology that is offered for the money that you will pay. It is possible to obtain bigger discounts from time to time but you will need to keep a close eye on the market. Also, make sure that you choose the model that best suits your personal needs and your hearing loss levels. You can gain help from your doctor in order to know better what you should be choosing.