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Rexton Blu RCU

The Rexton Blu RCU is a very interesting hearing aid accessory that you might want to buy. It will work with the Bridge, Cobalt+ and Insite hearing aids. We are basically in front of Bluetooth Wireless Technology that will definitely improve your life. Rexton Blu RCU includes controls for the functions of the hearing aid and allows the aid to be able to connect easily with other devices in order to stream stereo, high quality sound. It can connect with mobile phones, TVs, MP3 players and many more. It is basically a very nice extra in the event that you are looking for more from your Rexton hearing aid. The Blu RCU is a combination between a remote control and a device that allows wireless technology connectivity.

Rexton Blu RCU – Common Connected Devices

Keep in mind that the Rexton Blu RCU can connect with many possible devices but the ones mentioned below are definitely the most common.

  • Mobile Phones – Now there is no need to worry about having to miss phone calls because of the many possible hearing problems that you might be suffering from. Every single phone conversation can be enjoyed a lot more and you can directly hear what the other person is saying in your hearing aid. While the phone conversation takes place the background noise is going to be softened and all possible feedback is basically eliminated. You will receive an audio alert when a mobile phone call is currently incoming. Just push a button on the remote to decide if you are going to reject or take the call.
  • TV Sets – With regular hearing aids and no help it can be difficult to watch a movie or just the TV while at home in the event that you have hearing problems. The Rexton Blu RCU can help out a lot as it is capable of streaming television sound from any area inside 30 feet. All that you would have to do is use the device as it includes a special pre-paired transmitter that is especially built for TVs. You will no longer be faced with delays between what is noticed on the screen and the sound that you hear. This is quite common with some hearing aids instruments.
  • Music – We all like to listen to music and there is no reason why those that have hearing problems should have to not be able to do this. The Rexton Blu RCU can connect with every single Rexton hearing aid that has Blu Link Technology. A wireless connection is thus possible with different MP3 players and even stereos. All the sound that is received will be offered in stereo and this will transform the hearing aid in headphones.