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Below you will find a list of useful resources that are related to hearing loss and hearing aids in general. If you would like to be included in the list below you can send us an email through our contact page. All we ask in return is to provide as with a backlink too our website is return.

Health Shopping and Services Directory – Links to health and medical information on the Internet.

Hearing Loss News and More! – Up to date news and information related to hearing loss – Online resource for hearing help related information, as well as local hearing help for residents of Central Illinois.  Also includes information about single sided hearing loss written by a half-deaf hearing instrument specialist. – UK pan-disability charity committed to creating a world where ICT is not a barrier to people but rather enables them to live their lives to achieve their full potential whether at home, at school or at work. – Western Canadian Hearing Clinic. Serving Southern Alberta and the East Kootenays since the early 1990’s.

DiY Hearing Aids – Will undersell any competitor with a like hearing instrument and will give you the power to control your own adjustments with our user programmable hearing aids.

Utah Lasik Surgery – Looking for the best place to undergo Lasik surgery? Utah Lasik is the best place for your treatment. With Utah Lasik surgery, you get the best service at a fair price.

WIDHH – Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Provides programs and services in Audiology, Employment Counselling, Sign Language Interpreting and Communication Devices.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss – With all the noise pollution in the big cities, loud entertainment and music, its more important than ever to know about hearing protection.

Complete Hearing Aid Reviews – The website was designed to provide hearing aid reviews in order to help you determine which hearing instruments are best suited for your lifestyle and budget.

Hearing Aid Know – Unbiased hearing aids and hearing loss information from a hearing aid wearer. Hearing aid reviews. Advice and tips on living with hearing loss.

Covert Hearing Aids – The smallest hearing aids in the world. Standard units come with a free induction loop. Optional Bluetooth connection available.

Digital Hearing Aids Reviews – A Better Understanding Of Hearing Loss And Digital Hearing Aids. Find out more about the hearing aid brands, models and more.

Hear World USA – A leading distributor of assistive technology devices for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Hearing Impaired, and Individuals with Hearing Loss.

My Hear Pod – HearPod hearing aids are the successful culmination of 30 years of solving the needs of hearing impaired people. HearPod aids are 100% digital, full-featured and have some of the most advanced noise canceling and sound amplification computer chips available.

Clarity Vision Hearing – Clartiy Hearing Centres, located on Vancouver Island, specializes in invisible digital hearing systems and has built a solid reputation on providing quality hearing solutions at ‘VERY’ reasonable prices.

Century Hearing Aids – Buy Premium Quality Hearing Aids at Factory Direct Prices Up to 50% Off Audiologist Prices.

Say What Club – A worldwide forum for people with hearing loss.

Complete Hearing Aid Reviews – A guide to hearing aids/Consumer information.