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Resound Hearing Aids Prices

Unfortunately for all of us, we never know when hearing aids might be needed. The problem is that whenever something bad happens most people go to the first store that they find and purchase the first hearing aid that looks good. This is a really bad approach. If you would do a little research first you would notice that not all such devices are equal. Out of the best we are going to talk about Resound Hearing Aids and how to find the best prices possible.

If you want to find the best prices of Resound hearing aids the only real solution that you have is to shop around. You will first need to know exactly what model you want and then you can find some discounts that might be available from some dealers. From time to time different models are on sale and you should think about taking advantage of such offers. On the other hand, you might be accustomed to a particular gadget or might just want one Resound hearing aid that you think will work perfectly in your case. You will probably not find many discounts or price differences but every dollar helps on the long run.

Resound Prices

Alera 9
Up to 3 Years
$2,599 - $4,899
Up to 3 Years
$1,849 - $4,599
Up to 3 Years
$1,599 - $4,195
Up to 3 Years
$1,599 - $4,899
2 Years
$1,599 - $2,700
1 Year
$1,999 - $2,950
1 Year
$1,399 - $1,949
Plus 5
1 Year
$1,999 - $2,950
1 Year
$1,999 - $2,950
2 Years$2,149 - $3,600

One of the most popular Resound Hearing aid is the Alera series. There are basically 3 models that are being sold: Alera 5, Alera 7 and Alera 9. The Alera 5 is the cheapest model and costs around $1850 with the Alera 9 being the most expensive one at around $2,800. The Alera 7 is the middle range model and costs around $2,300. In order to choose the one that you might want to consider you need to look at the small differences between them first. Also, the Live series has similar prices for the three models presented.

In the event that you are looking for more affordable prices of Resound hearing aids you might want to consider the Sparx model, which is cheaper at under $1,800. All of the other models will have similar price tags.

As you can see, the prices of Resound hearing aids are not that cheap. The truth is that not all people are going to afford them. The good news is that most stores that sell them will also offer different payment plans that make the hearing aids much more affordable. You would basically end up paying around $50 to $80 per month and you would immediately receive the wanted Resound hearing aid upon signing the contract. You can thus hear well again and take advantage of the best models. Make sure that you think about this possibility whenever consulting prices of Resound hearing aids. Remember that we are talking about your hearing so you might want to sacrifice a higher price tag for a better quality of hearing offered by the gadgets.

For more information on a specific resound model, click on the desired image below (Link to official resound website):

resound alera resound_live
dot 2 by resound resound_sparx
resound_essence resound x-plore hearing aids
resound ziga hearing aids resound ziga hearing aids

If you still don’t know which hearing aids are best for you, you can fill out a questionnaire on the official resound website which will help you select the right resound hearing aids model.