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Panasonic Hearing Aids

Hearing aid users have been benefiting from Panasonic’s range of hearing devices for over 50 years now. Recently, Panasonic has introduced their advanced hearing aid technology into the USA and has chosen Hearing Aid Express as their first hearing aid clinic to distribute their products.

The new line of hearing aids from Panasonic includes the same innovative design that can commonly be seen in their other products. They have a sleek ‘S’ shape that is easy to use for people who wear eyeglasses. They have also introduced their JZ series that look more like an MP3 player. The hearing aid is quite basic and is available at an affordable price as well.

Whatever the situation or environment you are in, these devices from Panasonic simply help you hear better. Whether you are watching television in the comfort of your home or are dining out with families and friends in a noisy restaurant, you can get the most out of these devices. These advanced hearing aids designed by Panasonic focuses on helping people with hearing impairment. Here’s a look at some models of hearing aids available from Panasonic along with their features and prices.

Panasonic 2 Series

These are behind the ear hearing aids which have been designed for people suffering from moderate to severe hearing loss. High quality sound is delivered by their Digital Signal Processor and advanced acoustic and audio technologies ensure that the original sound is reproduced precisely. In addition, unpleasant noise reduction is effectively achieved by Dual Filtering Feedback Cancellation and Wind Suppression features. Dual Focus is another technology that is incorporated in these devices to provide better hearing solutions.

Panasonic 4 Series

These are receiver-in-canal hearing devices which offer simplicity, style and confidence. They are small devices and can be worn discreetly. It is the perfect choice for people who don’t want others to know that they are making use of hearing devices. In addition, these hearing devices are cost effective and are suitable for anyone who is suffering from mild to moderate loss of hearing. Some of its features include Intelligent Scene Selector, Dual Focus and Digital Signal Processing.

Panasonic JZ Series

These are palm sized devices which feature an LCD screen as well as earphone with microphones. They have been designed in such a way that they will remain comfortable for the wearer no matter for how long they are worn. The Panasonic JZ Series is great for individuals with situational hearing loss. Since the device is large enough, people with impaired vision or dexterity challenges won’t have problems using them.