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Oticon Intiga

Oticon Intiga is the world’s smallest fully wireless device to aid hearing loss. It is a behind-the-ear hearing aid with streaming capabilities and binaural processing, a unique combination of performance, discreetness, and acceptance to make the transition of hearing impairment to the world of amplified picture sounds more comfortable. Oticon Intiga is not just another hearing instrument. It dissuades the common notion that getting used to amplification goes through a demanding and lengthy process. By delivering immediate acceptance and immediate benefits, Oticon Intiga makes a seamless and positive transition experience to wearing instruments particularly for first-time users.

Being a full featured RITE instrument, Oticon Intiga is the smallest fully wireless hearing solution in the world suitable for people with mild and moderate hearing loss. There are ten different hair and skin tone colors that make it the most discreet device on the market. Oticon Intiga has been tailored to give maximum enjoyment and minimum effort and time required to adapt to the amplified sounds. Oticon Intiga is designed to address the specific needs of users looking for non-traditional hearing instruments that are small easy to handle and discreet.

IntigaFully-automated sound processing and subtle cosmetics make Oticon Intiga virtually invisible to everyone. The almost invisible receiver wire, ergonomically shaped speaker and the well hidden fit behind the ear ensure fitting retention and comfort throughout the day. Oticon Intiga’s surface is smooth with an unobtrusive organic form finish bearing no push buttons completely making it discreet to wear. The fully automated sound processing adds value to Oticon Intiga’s discreet feature. A binaural processing with advance wireless technology supports the brain’s natural ability to process sound. It is about making voices easy to discern, face-to-face or over the phone conversations easy to follow as well as adding valuable detail and depth to music, films and favorite TV programs.

Speech Guard preserves subtle details of speech. No major adjustments are made when sound levels are stable. Any sudden changes provoke an immediate response resulting to a more natural perception of sounds and speech even in complex auditory situations. Oticon Intiga utilizes Spatial Sound, a combination of advanced technologies that protect the delicate acoustical properties from the original sound signal. Extended bandwidth captures high and precious frequency details. The natural teamwork of good ears is supported by wireless binaural technology making well ventilated RITE earpieces perform a mixture of amplified and natural sound. Oticon Intiga improves speech understanding and delivers the finest and transparent sound quality.

(AI) Artificial Intelligence gives the best signal for a particular user by applying the appropriate combination of signal processing technologies for making smart decisions. All relevant details are preserved and unwanted noises are kept to a minimum having no need for user intervention. The brand new speaker system of Oticon Intiga delivers both optimal and high comfort functionality. The improved shape, softer wiring and greater length style ensures stronger cosmetic appeal, increased retention and more individualized fitting. Built-in Bluetooth capabilities enable Oticon Intiga for wireless connectivity to mobile phones. It is transformed to a hands-free headset and with the addition of the Oticon ConnectLine processing system, audio from televisions, landline phones and computers can be directly streamed to the hearing instruments. It is built on Oticon’s well-known audiology and newest technology with the overall goal of immediate benefit and acceptance in diverse situations.