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Whether it is fruitful moments spent with friends, precious bonding time spent with family, or fun entertainment with listening to music or watching movies, Oticon Ino’s comfortable and clear sound quality allows you to enjoy more significant moments in life. Oticon Ino offers awesome detailed sound quality. Conversations become less strenuous as speech comes through clearly. Noisy sounds are kept under control and whistling sounds are minimized. With a full line of behind-the-ear and in-the-ear styles to choose from, your hearing professional can to precisely find the style that will suit your personal taste and hearing needs to make you feel confident all day long.

Oticon ConnectLine solution can aid you hear better in more challenging environments than ever. The Oticon ConnectLine solution offers easy access to external audio sources. Whether it’s your mobile phone MP3 player, or TV, you only need to press a button on the Streamer and begin to enjoy comfortable and clear sound quality. And if you are out dining with friends, make them wear the ConnectLine Microphone. It picks up their voice and sends it clearly and discreetly to both your ears. ConnectLine Microphone gives a boost that only FM systems in previous versions could provide. Oticon Ino comes in a varied styles ideal for mild to profound hearing losses.

Oticon INOThe phone adapter is installed parallel to the domestic landline phone turning the hearing instruments into wireless headsets. Upon receiving an incoming call, a call alert will be heard by the user in the hearing instruments. By pressing the phone button, the phone is answered and transmission is sent to the hearing aids. ConnectLine empowers users to freely talk while driving without compromising safety. More and more people depend on mobile communication, but for several mobile users, a mobile phone is difficult to use. ConnectLine changes this. Traditional barriers in using phones are eliminated as sound is transmitted directly to the hearing instruments from the mobile phone.The hands free connectivity of the Streamer to mobile phones is most important in a driving situation. The system is designed for sage, stress-free and easy calls for users to talk safely and easily, without removing their hands off the wheel.

Accurate and fast RISE 2 processing, a wide range of discreet-looking styles and easy connectivity to media and phones devices are plus factors that benefits your lifestyle with Oticon Ino. That is how Oticon Ino gets entry-level hearing solutions up the next level.The unique RISE 2 processing platform at the heart of Oticon Ino, promises best-in-class sound quality with advanced features such as Adaptive Directionality, Dynamic feedback cancellation and Binaural Coordination. With a wide range of styles to select from – including the new mini-RITE and ITC Power designs – you can choose the exact style and shape that suits your needs.

Oticon Ino is extremely easy to fit. In-situ audiometry lets your hearing specialist use your own ear molds and instruments when measuring your hearing thresholds. Three types of speakers allow your hearing care professional to make the necessary adjustments to increase the output if your hearing needs should change. Oticon Ino comes in varied styles suitable for hearing losses from mild to severe-to-profound.

  • RITE /miniRITE – Standard Medium Power
  • BTE Power /BTE 13 – Behind-the-ear Power and Behind-the-ear
  • Corda 2 – In-the-canal ITC and In-the-ear ITE
  • ITC Power – In-the-canal ITC and In-the-ear ITE
  • MIC /CIC – Mostly-in-canal /Completely-in-canal Power
  • CIC/MIC Power – Mostly-in-canal /Completely-in-canal Power