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Oticon Hearing Aids Prices

If you are researching prices of Oticon Hearing aids the first thing that you need to understand is the fact that you have chosen a very good brand. The Oticon hearing aids are well known around the world for the quality that they offer. Also, they supply different types of hearing aids with technology and features that will be tailored on the needs and the wallets of the customers. Customer service is always very good and we can say that the reliability of the Oticon Hearing Aids is very high. Let us now take a look at some of the prices that are available at the moment. Keep in mind that they can always change and discounts in prices of Oticon hearing aids can always appear.

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One of the most popular models is the Oticon Go Custom & Behind the Ear Hearing Aid. Its regular price tag is of $1,500 but there are many shops that are going to offer discounts. We saw that the gadget is available at around $1,300 in some stores. You might also want to consider the High Power Analog hearing aid manufactured by Oticon. With a list price of $1,800 and a discounted price tag of around $1,400 it is one of the best options available when thinking about the technology that is included and the money that you have to pay for it. The sound quality is great but if you want the discounts you will need to talk with authorized dealers.

Prices Sorted by Model

Oticon Agil Pro Custom2 Years10 &10$2800-$4600
Oticon Agil2 Years10 &10$2400-$3200
Oticon Dual XW2 Years10 &10$2800-$3900
Oticon Dual m92 YearsUp to 8$2500-$3200
Oticon Safran2 Years7 & 7$2300-$3100
Oticon Dual W2 Years15 & 8$2200-$3350
Oticon Epoq W2 Years15 & 8$2600-$3800
Oticon Delta 80002 YearsUp to 8$2400-$3350
Oticon Epoq XW2 Years15 & 8$2800-$4000
Oticon Dual V2 Years8 & 6$2200-$2600
Oticon Dual m72 YearsUp to 7$2100-$2800
Oticon Epoq V2 Years8 & 8$2150-$3200
Oticon ActoPro Custom2 Years8 & 8$1900-$3200
Oticon VigoPro2 Years8 & 8$1900-$3000
Oticon Delta 60002 YearsUp to 7$1800-$2300
Oticon Dual m52 YearsUp to 5$1900-$2700
Oticon Acto Custom2 Years6 & 6$1700-$3000
Oticon Vigo2 Years6 & 6$1700-$2800
Oticon Delta 40002 Years5 & 5$1600-$2800
Oticon Hit Pro2 Years6 & 6$1700-$2500
Oticon Hit 2 Years4 & 4$1500-$1900

Note: Prices vary depending on your location. Please contact an audiologist near you or the hearing aid company directly to find out the prices for your region.

Prices Sorted by Brand

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If you do not have budget problems then you might want to know the prices of Oticon hearing aids that include the most technology possible. We need to recommend the Oticon Dual XW Hearing Aid, which costs around $4,300. You can find it at discounts of down to $2,800 and you can thus take advantage of wireless technology, superior sound quality and even included Bluetooth connectivity. Another model that is popular among the expensive ones is the Digital Dual Hearing Aids. It can be bought at a discount price of around $2,900 and the catalog price tag is of around $4,000.

As you can see, the prices of Oticon hearing aids do not vary that much but there are different models that are more affordable than others. You need to look at all of them and in the event that you have specific needs you can always contact a specialist to recommend you the model that is best suited for your personal needs. Remember that you can trust Oticon and all the hearing aids that they produce are of the highest quality possible at all times.