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Online Hearing Test

Can you trust an online hearing test?

Taking a Hearing Test on ComputerThe Internet has evolved to an incredible level and the computers are now able to use really complicated audio systems. This led to the appearance of online hearing tests. They are constantly gaining popularity and are used by many people as preliminary screening tests. Even so, we do have to wonder whether or not they can be trusted. In order to do this we must first understand how such a test is going to be conducted.

The first part of an online hearing test is linked with establishing reference for your audio system. This is done by measuring normal listener hearing threshold. We are basically talking about the sound system’s biological calibration. During the second testing part we see the “patient’s” threshold being compared with regular settings of a regular individual. The differences are going to show you whether or not you are faced with a hearing problem.

The biggest problem with an online hearing test is the fact that it is not really accurate and many errors can appear. This is opposed to the audiograms, which are highly accurate. We are also faced with a scenario where we have no hearing care professional that will administer the test and will be able to look at the results. There are many variables that can affect the tests including ambient levels where the test is conducted and hearing level variations in normal tests references. Even the audio quality of our computer can have an impact.

Because of the fact that an online hearing test will not use audiometers that are carefully calibrated and testing conditions that are standard we can easily see variable results. This variation can be reduced if we do a few things. The most important one is minimizing ambient noise where the test will be performed while also maximizing the chance that the reference listener has a good hearing. The audio system needs good acoustics and the sound distortion has to be as low as possible. We recommend that you only use fitting headphones if you want to go through such a test.

Keep in mind that online hearing tests never claim to be able to replace accurate traditional tests that are performed by specialists in good clinics. On the other hand, such a test is capable of offering you a good estimate within your own home. Those that create them try to convince people that they need to check audiologists for accurate results and this is something that is great.

Here is a list of 3 online hearing tests that we found were somewhat accurate. Click on the image below to choose one if the hearing tests:

Test #1:

Online Hearing Test #3Test #2:

Online Hearing test #2Test #3:

Hearing Test #1

In conclusion, we can say that online hearing tests are not fake but the results that they offer are not always good. The bottom line is that you can use them and in the event that you see that the results are negative you should consult an audiologist. This is the correct approach that you need to take.