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Miracle Hearing Aids – Prices

by Blog Editor on December 15, 2012

Miracle hearing aids are available in BTE, or behind the ear; open fit BTE; RIC, or receiver in canal BTE, comfort and cosmetic styles. Which style may ultimately chosen not only depends on personal preference, but also on the amount of hearing loss experienced, as some styles are not suitable for profound loss of hearing. These shell styles are incorporated in a wide range of models (and colors), which differ in technology, features and benefits to the user.

Miracle hearing Aid Models and Prices

3 Years
$1,349 - $4,599
3 Years
$1,349 - $3,899
3 Years
$1,349 - $2,200
3 Years
$1,349 - $3,899
3 Years
$1,349 - $3,899
3 Years
$1,349 - $3,899

Note: Prices vary depending on your location and if any other services are bundled with the price. Find out why hearing aids cost so much.

Each model has a different set of features and technology employed to allow for the best hearing experience. Some of the basic benefits of each model are listed here.

ME-1 – Price: $1,349 – $4,599: This model allows users to enjoy one-to-one conversation, faint sounds and comfort in noisy surroundings. It also allows for easy understanding of conversations in large groups and diverse listening environments, as well as offering optimal enjoyment of music and ensures comfort with sudden, very loud noises.

ME-2 – Price: $1,349 – $3,899: This model also offers ease of understanding in one-to-one and group conversations in diverse environments, as well as comfort within noisy environments and enjoyment of faint sounds.

ME-3 – Price: $1,349 – $2,200: One-to-one conversations and conversations in small or large groups can be enjoyed as much as faint sounds and comfort in the noisier surroundings with this model.

ME-4 – Price: $1,349 – $3,899: The ME-4 provides ease of understanding in one-to-one and small group conversations, comfort in noise and enjoyment of faint sounds.

Aquavi – Price: $1,349 – $3,899: This BTE model has been specifically designed to allow users to enjoy their life to the full – it is water-proof, dust-proof and shock-proof, so it can be worn any time, any place and during any kind of activity.

Mirage – Price: $1,349 – $3,899: This hearing aid is practically completely invisible. It is little larger than a coffee bean and fits completely inside the user’s ear.

All of the above models are fully digital, and feature noise reduction for sudden, sharp noises and low battery alerts. They also all come with a 3-year factory guarantee, free annual hearing tests, free personal programming and free adjustments and cleaning. The prices stated here are per ear and should be regarded as approximate guidelines only.

Exact prices can only be determined by assessing the user’s hearing loss and other personal requirements and/ or preferences. For this reason, it is necessary to contact a Miracle supplier and arrange an appointment to assess the situation, determine requirements and calculate the actual price from there. It should also be noted that prices may vary quite significantly between states and from one supplier to the next. Hearing well is obviously the main priority, but it often pays to shop around and have a look if a particular hearing aid can not be found at a better price elsewhere.

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