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MicroTech Hearing Aids Prices & Review

MicroTech hearing aids boasts of being the best manufacturer of hearing aid devices out there. This is due to the fact that their products are simply custom designed to ensure that patients’ demands match specifically with the products being offered. In addition to this, quality is a priority to them and to gain this they take advantage of technological innovations. This is the main reason why MicroTech hearing aid products are digitalized and have got the latest features to boost on hearing capability.

There are a wide array of models that MicroTech offers to its patients. All these models have got different features. This therefore makes them to be priced differently since there are those that will perform better than others. Nevertheless, this does not mean that there are those that are bad. NO! They simply work differently to solve certain level of hearing problem. Take a look below:

  • Focus 30- $1,799 to $2,699

  • Focus 40- $1,799 to $2,699

  • Focus 50- $2,499 to $2,999

  • Propel w30- $1,799 to $2,699

  • Propel w40- $1,799 to $2,699

  • Propel w50- $1,799 to $2,699

Propel models

Propel hearing models are simply some of the best devices that MicroTech offers. The most striking feature about these devices is the fact that they are built using the latest wireless technology. Besides, they are quite reliable and their high performance feature ensures that patients hear comfortably in various environments. Those that love to listen and watch from the TV, mobile phones and other devices should make use of Propel models. This is because they are built with SurfLink accessories. These accessories boost the sound quality from TV, mobile phones and other devices.

Some of the advantages that Propel models offer include:

  • Noise reduction

  • Enhancement of phone calls

  • Custom-built to fit the ears perfectly

  • Eliminate buzzling and whistling

Focus models

The focus models are also an excellent choice to settle for. This is because they have a noise reduction feature which ensures that sound quality is enhanced in different environments that one is faced with. Depending on the model type that one chooses, they will be entitled to a number of channels. For instance, Focus 30 has got 8 channels while Focus 40 has got 12 channels. The devices are also coated perfectly to protect a user from water and oil. This implies that you can use these devices even when it is raining.

Lastly, there are other additional models that MicroTech offers including: Avail, Mobility and Triumph models. The Mobility models are quite unique due to their wireless capability feature. Nevertheless, all models offered by MicroTech have got noise reduction features to boost on sound clarity and quality.