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Lyric Hearing Aid

There are many myths that surround lyric hearing aid. Let us look at the most common ones and see the truth.

The most common lyric hearing aid myth you will hear is the fact that it is invisible. This can be considered true to some degree. The problem is that we heard of many devices that have been marketed as invisible along the years. The truth was that they were just really small or basically smaller than other devices on the market. For most people the lyric hearing aid is invisible because it is planted really deep inside the ear. Only those that have shallow ear canals will show the device when looking directly at it.

We also hear that lyric hearing aids need to be replaced every 3 months. This is true in some circumstances but it is not a rule. Such devices should be replaced every 4 months but for some it should be done much sooner. There are patients that show excessive earwax or other conditions that will translate in a need to replace the lyric hearing aid.

Small Lyric Hearing Aid

Lyric is much smaller than the average digital hearing aid. It is almost invisible since it fits completely inside your ear.

You need to understand that a lyric hearing aid does have a battery. All the devices that are aimed to help hearing loss patients have batteries. These gadgets need to be powered by something. The only real difference is the fact that a lyric hearing aid will use different hearing batteries and they do not have to be changed. Whenever the battery fades out the hearing aid needs to be replaced.

There are some audiologists that will give you false information about lyric hearing aids. The most common false statement is that lyric is inferior, old technology. This is mainly attributed to the fact that a lyric hearing aid is basically an analog device. However, this does not mean that it is not filled with modern technology.

How Lyric Works

How Lyric Works

Some people will tell you that lyric hearing aids will work for everybody. Unfortunately this is not correct. According to Lyric manufacturer InSound Medical, around half of the people that have hearing aid problems will not be good candidates for the lyric hearing aid. This happens due to numerous possible reasons. The most common ones are hearing loss degree, ear anatomy, general health conditions and lifestyle. One special case is linked with liquid cerumen. This is a less common earwax type that will destroy the lyric hearing aid prematurely. Unfortunately you cannot really know if this is your case. It is because of this reason that we now have a one month trial period to use with lyric hearing aids.

The bottom line is that a Lyric Hearing Aid will not work well for everybody but it is definitely something that you should look into. The majority of those that have used it successfully are really satisfied with the results. The sound quality is really good and we are faced with a device that nobody will actually know you are wearing. Because of this facts you might want to ask more about the lyric hearing aid and go for a 30 days free trial to see how it goes.