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ITC Hearing Aids

ITC in the canal hearing aidsITC is an acronym that stands for In The Canal. ITC hearing aids are basically hearing aids that will feature one of its parts being inserted in our ear canals. The main difference between them and CIC (completely in Canal) hearing aids is the fact that ITC in the canal hearing aids will also show a part of the device being placed outside the ear. Unfortunately, this does not change the equation with much.

The piece that is put inside the ear will be custom created, based on the ear shape of the individual that gets the device. This is because all our ears are different and we have to use a gadget that will be comfortable to wear. The problem is that we still have to wear something inside the ear. This will bring a lot of discomfort for children as they will find it really hard to get used to such a device. This is exactly why children are never equipped with ITC in the canal hearing aids and the BTE versions are always used.

The great thing about the ITC models is the fact that we gain all the advantages that are visible in CIC hearing aids. The only real difference is found in the way how the device looks like. ITC in the canal hearing aids help us to hear better and the technology included in them is usually better. Also, the device looks more fashionable and it is less visible than BTE.

One problem with ITC in the canal hearing aids is that it will not work with all hearing loss levels. People that suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss will be able to use them but those with tougher problems will not. Also, such gadgets are really expensive and there will be many that will not be able to afford them. There are some that can take advantages of profit plans but we are still in front of an expensive hearing aid. We should also add that you will find it difficult to change the battery of ITC in the canal hearing aids as the battery compartment will be really small. In addition, the same huge problem that CIC models have is also applicable here. The microphone and the entire hearing aid can be damaged by the build-up of ear wax.

We can say that the two biggest advantages of using ITC in the canal hearing aids are how they look and the fact that there is better technology included, with the microphone being closer to one’s eardrum. On the other hand, the disadvantages are also many.