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Hearing Loss Causes

Our ears are really sensitive and if we suffer from hearing loss the only thing that we can really do is try to prevent extra damage from happening in the future. There are different causes of ending up with such a condition. It is important that we know what these causes are in order to make sure that we do not do any extra damage or we do not end up with permanent hearing loss.

The most common hearing loss cause is an exposure to noise levels that are too high. There are many that work in different environments that show such a condition. It is crucial for anyone working under these conditions to protect their hearing by using all protective equipment possible.

There are also some medications you can take that will cause hearing loss. In this situation we are dealing with ototoxic hearing loss. Different pain killers like Vicodin are known to have this at a side effect if you take it for longer periods of time. Make sure that you talk to the doctor in order to find out if some of the medications that you take can cause hearing loss.

We also have different genetic factors to worry about. According to various researches there is a genetic link that can be noticed between the people that suffer from hearing loss. Unfortunately new studies need to be conducted.

All women that take hormone replacement have to worry about hearing loss. In the event that you are considering doing so you should seriously think about natural alternatives in order to prevent hearing loss. As always, a consultation with your doctor is required.

A special case is that of old people. Most people tend to believe that there are hearing problems that appear as the body gets older. The truth is that the hearing loss that we sometimes see in older people is caused by the brain aging and is not linked with the ear.

You need to be aware of the fact that the best way to fight hearing loss is to try and prevent it as much as possible. The easiest way to do this is to shield your ear from environments that have too much noise, preferably with the use of some good ear plugs. Always wear protective equipment like muffs so that your hearing stays intact. Remember that repeated exposure to high noise levels will always cause hearing loss. If exposure is long you can even end up with permanent hearing loss.

Our hearing is highly important and we need to immediately contact a doctor if we notice that there are hearing problems. Most conditions can be treated if discovered in time. If we just wait for our hearing to recover alone we will have serious problems in the future.