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Hearing Loss

Hearing LossAccording to studies we now know that more than 50% of all over 65 years old adults that suffer from hearing loss problems are actually faced with significant hearing loss. Loss of hearing is actually the third most reported chronic condition in US. In order to determine if an adult is suffering from hearing loss there are different tests that are conducted. When the hearing loss problem is confirmed the patient will be treated and will be offered the possibility to purchase the best possible hearing aid. If a hearing aid will not help him much another solution is offered. Adult hearing loss is usually caused by exposure to one or more external factors like noise exposure, aging process, trauma, drugs or diseases. Ringing in ears is only rarely associated with hearing loss problems.

Hearing tests are recommended for every person that suspects that he/she is suffering from hearing loss of any degree. In most cases people are going to doubt hearing efficiency when they see that there are problems in understanding what other people are saying on the phone. In the event that you have a family history that features hearing loss problems or you are constantly exposed to a working environment that features loud noise exposure you should have your hearing checked often. There are different tests that the doctor might want to perform in order to detect hearing loss.

One really common way to test for hearing loss is pure tone testing. An audiologist will ask you to report different tones that you will hear after the ears are plugged with the use of special foam plugs. After this test is performed the doctor will most likely also choose to use bone conductors and test out different frequencies to see exactly what degree of hearing loss you are suffering from.

Another common test is Speech Audiometry. You will have to repeat different words, mostly of just 2 syllables and the doctor will actually test for soft levels at which you can repeat them. There will also be a second test that will test speech comprehension at a loud listening level.

Those that are suffering from hearing loss might also need to go through acoustic immittance measures. This is a special test that will test eardrum movement together with the effect that sound has on your middle ear. In most cases there will be a soft plug that will be placed inside your ear. It can help in detecting middle ear or eardrum problems that will cause hearing loss. At times this test will also be associated with acoustic reflex testing. This is done by presenting different loud tones and using ear plugs in each ear canal.

We also have some special tests that are done in order to discover hearing loss levels but they are rare. Based on audiometric testing a doctor might want to use one special method of determining what the problem is, in the event that he cannot figure it out through regular means.

The bottom line is that doctors will see exactly what you have and there are many hearing loss tests that can be done. Even so, it is only your responsibility to visit the doctor when you have a problem.