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Hearing Aids Types

A few hundred years ago people were struck with a tragedy when hearing was lost. There was no way to help them at that point in time. Nowadays this changed as hearing aids have been developed and can help out most people that suffer from all levels of hearing loss. Unfortunately now we have another problem to talk about. There are different hearing aids types on the market and you can easily become confused with what you should be purchasing. Let us take a look at the common hearing aids types that you will find.

One of the most important reasons why we see so many different hearing aids types is the fact that hearing loss is different from one person to the other. This fact made it necessary to develop different devices that will help people with different hearing impairments. We thus have hearing aids that are programmable and fully customizable on the basis of personal audiogram. They are perfect for most people because they are perfectly designed for those that are suffering from a hearing problem type.

Hearing Aids Types Explained

Different Types of Hearing Aids

Most programmable hearing aids are BTE (behind the ear) gadgets. Alternatively one can also use ITC (in the canal) hearing aids, which are cosmetically great looking and are almost invisible due to positioning. A special hearing aids type is the CIC (completely in the canal) device. We even have different shell styles for the hearing aid types like hard, soft, low profile, half or full.

Out of all hearing aids types the one that gained the most popularity recently is the digital hearing aid. This is a device that can be described as a mini computer. These gadgets have all the functionalities of regular hearing aids but they can also monitor the audio environment surrounding people.

We also have body aids, which are of great help for the individuals that cannot physically use an ordinary hearing kit. Not many manufacturers still produce them but availability is still high. In fact, the new body aids that are available are much smaller than before and are more similar to the modern ones in terms of technology and aesthetics.

Out of all hearing aids types there is one hearing tool that is implantable. It is placed right under the skin and the problem is that most people think they are cochlear implants. The two should not be confused. The implantable hearing aid is basically a regular hearing aid but it is surgically inserted. Out of all implantable hearing aids the most common one is Vibrant Soundbridge. Most hearing aids types on the market are good for those that suffer from mild to moderate problems. In the event that a person is faced with severe and advanced hearing loss we are faced with just a few options that are available.

The bottom line is that it can be really complicated to realize what the different hearing aids types can do for you. You will need to research all the possibilities available and focus on your hearing problem, style wanted and budget in order to make the best move possible.