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Hearing Aids Brands

There are dozens of different hearing aid manufacturers on the market. We are faced with much competition and advancements are constantly made in order to offer better products. This can only be beneficial for patients. Below we are going to discuss some of the most popular Hearing Aid brands available. If you are looking to find out more about a specific model just click on the link of the brand that interests you below and navigate from there. To find out more about the individual hearing aid model prices go here.

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Siemens: This company entered a lot of markets and managed to offer quality every time that they launched a product. Siemens does offer some of the best hearing aids currently available. Also, 1 in 5 hearing aids sold yearly are manufactured by the company. Their product range is complete and you can find different types of these products, all tailored to suit your personal needs. Siemens comes with a guarantee: they surely have one custom hearing aid model that will fit your lifestyle. This guarantee is definitely met and you should think about the company when looking for hearing aids.

StarkeyStarkey is an interesting manufacturer because their main focus is to offer better hearing and not just hearing aids. They are the first ever to offer a free trial on their products and a guarantee that if the client is not satisfied the money will be refunded. Nowadays there are 33 Starkey laboratories spread across 18 countries. Starkey managed to establish itself as one of the most important hearing aids manufacturers in the world and even started the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which tries to offer as many of these gadgets to people that cannot afford them but need them.

Oticon: They offer hearing aid products that are designed for those that suffer from profound to mild hearing loss. They claim to be focused on the needs of those that are hearing impaired first whenever they are creating new products. This company has a lot of experience, being founded in 1904 and the products sold are of the highest quality possible at all times.

Resound: They come to the table with both digital and non-digital products that are perfect for people with impaired hearing. The company has managed to establish itself as one of the most important hearing aids distributers in North America. This was accomplished by offering quality and always providing tremendous customer care.

BeltoneBeltone has an experience in hearing aids of over 65 years. The company has constantly developed gadgets that have been considered to be among the best in the market by specialists. Their main focus is put on offering hearing aids that are durable, lightweight and as less visible as possible.

Because of the fact that we are now in front of a highly competitive market, hearing aids are available for everyone that needs them. There are different models that will fit all budgets. It is now possible to deal with hearing difficulties and face all the problems that you have been hit with.