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Costco Hearing Aids

Buying hearing aids from a recognized store is something worth pondering about. For example, buying from Costco will ensure that you gain other additional services including consultancy. This will guarantee that you buy the right type of hearing aid that suits your hearing problem. In addition to this, you would be getting discounts depending on the hearing devices that you would buy. To top these, the mere fact of shopping over the internet is an added advantage to you the patient. Below are some of the hearing devices that Costco offers in their store.

Kirkland Signature 5.0- $1,899 per Pair

The Kirkland Signature is one of the hearing aid style that Costco offers. This device is built with the latest technological innovation. This is one of the main reasons why the hearing aid device has got an excellent performance. The battery life is also reliable considering the fact that one would go for days without worrying about charging.

The Kirkland Signature kit has got the following additional tools:

  • Two wireless hearing devices

  • Presentation case

  • Eight batteries

  • Remote control

  • Travel pouch

  • User guide

The advantages that a user would be getting by using the Kirkland Signature 5.0 are simply endless. Some of these benefits are as listed below:

  • Highly responsive remote control:

This remote control feature is meant to help the patient in adjusting the volume with ease. Also, hearing programs are easily changed with the help of this remote control.

  • Data logging

This feature is of great benefit to the patient in ensuring that they use the hearing device suitably. A medical expert can easily go through the data and customize to suit the lifestyle of the patient.

  • Nanotech coating

  • Noise reduction

  • Wind protection

Open fit model- $899 -$1,399

This is also another model that offers in its stores. This model is suitable for patients suffering from slight to severe hearing problem. It is also considered to be the BTE (Behind The Ear) type due to the way it fits on the ear. In order to ensure that a patient hears in the most natural way, this model has got a thin tube to enhance sound quality.

BTE model $899- $1399

This model is also perfect for those suffering from slight to severe hearing problem. Just as the name suggests, it is worn behind the ear.

Bluetooth Capable models- $899-$1399

Bluetooth capable models are also available in Costco stores. The devices also help to guarantee better or improved hearing to those suffering from slight to profound hearing difficulties.