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CIC Hearing Aids

cic completely in canal hearing aids

CIC is basically an acronym that means “Completely in the Canal”. CIC completely in the canal hearing aids stand out as hearing aids that will completely fit inside your ear canal. We are basically in front of gadgets that are revolutionary and are really small. Most people are never going to notice them as they are really hard to notice. There are many good manufacturers on the market that have included this type of hearing aid in their product line as the popularity that they have is really high.

Most of the CIC hearing aids will be custom made. This is done in order to perfectly fit in the ear canal of the individual that buys them. Such a gadget is better suited for people that suffer from moderate to mild hearing loss. As expected, there are both disadvantages and advantages of using CIC hearing aids. You need to think about them both when choosing whether or not to use them.

The biggest advantage according to specialist is that acoustics are improved. These devices will simulate the environment better and every sound is better heard. Such a fact is highly important whenever talking about understanding speech. Also, CIC completely in the canal hearing aids will be closer to our eardrum than the common BTE hearing aids. The natural residual hearing that you have is thus boosted. Even so, for most people the most important advantage is the cosmetic one as most people will not even realize that there is such a gadget being worn.

Even if the advantages will be taken into account, we also need to consider the disadvantages of using completely in the canal hearing aids. The most notable one is the fact that such gadgets are expensive when compared with BTE ones. Also, you will need to constantly pay attention to the build-up of ear wax. This can damage them and ruin them if exposure is too long.

CIC hearing aids are not recommended for some types of hearing loss degrees. Also, children will usually not use them because they will find it harder to deal with the irritations and discomfort that can appear with the CIC models. This is especially true when you first start to use them. Another added problem is the fact that a child’s ear canal will probably keep growing so there will be a constant need to adjust.

Whenever considering buying CIC completely in canal hearing aids we recommend that you first consult a specialist. This is highly important as they will let you know if you are suitable to use such gadgets or not. Also, they can recommend some manufacturers that create models that are good for your case. Look at all the cons and pros of each of them before buying one.