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BTE Hearing Aids

bte behind the ear hearing aids

BTE (behind the ear hearing aids) are highly popular nowadays. We are basically in front of hearing aids that are worn behind your year and the gadgets are commonly referred to as simply BTE. These are devices that are mainly popular due to the fact that they are really simple and are comfortable. The aids will fit perfectly behind your ear and it is not important what size or shape it is. People of all ages can use them and in most cases children are just going to use BTE behind the ear hearing aids because of the fact that it is easier for them to get used to such gadgets. All of the circuitry will be included inside a case and the battery is going to be bigger and better when compared with hearing aids that are placed inside the ear.

What is also interesting is the fact that BTE behind the ear hearing aids will work with all hearing impairment levels and basically with any hearing loss that you might suffer from. We still recommend that you go to an audiologist first in order to see exactly what the best hearing aid would be for you. BTE gadgets are also less expensive when we compare them with other alternatives as the technology utilized is also older. In most cases the protective case is made out of plastic and will not really be noticed if one also has longer hair.

We do have some disadvantages of using behind the ear hearing aids that you might want to think about. The first one is the fact that they are not invisible and if people look at you directly they will usually notice them. Such a factor might not be important for everyone but there are many that find it highly important. Also, in the event that we are not faced with a hearing aid that is properly installed and professional you can end up with bad feedback. In addition, some models will pick up a lot of noise and only few models include noise reduction technology.

The good news is that you can buy BTE hearing aids that are analog or digital. Digital gadgets do stand out as better and with more features. This also makes them more expensive. A digital hearing aid is programmable and suitable for all environments. We also have different analog BTE hearing aids that can be programmed to some degree but they still need to be manually operated. Digital versions are usually automatic.

The bottom line is that BTE behind the ear hearing aids are a very good alternative to gadgets that you put inside the ear and are difficult to properly use. We just have one piece that will go inside the ear and the rest will be outside. Different colors are available and based on your budget you can buy such hearing aids that include different extra features. Just make sure that you first consult your audiologist so that you can be sure that you are faced with the best fits at all times.