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Bluetooth Hearing Aids

wireless bluetooth hearing aids

Nowadays technology is much better than it was years ago. Thanks to it we now have access to many new features in hearing aids and other gadgets that are available on the market. One really useful is the inclusion of Bluetooth features, which can make the use of hearing aids a delight, especially when thinking about connectivity. Even if some of the gadgets that include Bluetooth technology are more expensive, the extra money is worth the investment.

The great thing that needs to be mentioned about Bluetooth is the fact that the devices that have to be included in hearing aids in order to have such features are really small. They will be available in most hearing aids and different Bluetooth models can help you out a lot in dealing with hearing problems and will allow you have a normal conversation, even when on the phone.

Most teenagers are going to love the fact that Bluetooth hearing aids will be easily connectible to HDTV PCs and MP3 players. Different chores can be controlled while you are using the devices mentioned. Besides these, one of the most important features is the ability to connect to mobile phones. Unfortunately for most people with hearing problems, when you use regular phones you will find it really difficult to have an easy conversation. This is exactly why Bluetooth can be of great value as it allows the creation of a direct link between Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and the hearing aid. You will be able to just push one button and use the hearing aid to talk on the phone, just as with a hands free device. There are even Bluetooth hearing aids that will immediately detect if the conversation is over and hang up. The connection would thus be cut automatically.

Uses for Bluetooth hearing aids:

  • First of all, bluetooth enables a hearing aid user, a better compatibility with bluetooth enabled hands free devices. This has effectively tackled the problems of compatibility with phone headsets and ipods, faced by hearing aid users.
  • Well, bluetooth technology facilitates communication between two hearing aids, which leads to optimal audibility.
  • This technology also facilitates connectivity with wireless bluetooth enabled devices, like cell phones and music players.
  • They basically enhance the listening for the hearing aid users.
  • If the hearing aid has an ear level instrument (eli), then the bluetooth technology works properly. In fact, eli is necessary for connecting an eli to an audio input connection.
  • Thanks to bluetooth technology, it is possible to make your cell phones ring directly into your bluetooth hearing aid. Press a specific button on your hearing aid, to receive or disconnect a call, and you don’t even need to touch the phone.
  • What’s more, this module can sense if the caller has hung up and it will end the call automatically.
  • Bluetooth hearing aids consume less power.

The bottom line is that you do want to use Bluetooth technology enabled hearing aids. They are not that expensive and this is a feature that is quickly becoming a common one. Even cheap and affordable devices have some sort of connectivity. You might also want to take a look at other wireless technology that might be present in some models.

We need to add one more thing. Contrary to what anyone will tell you, Bluetooth technology is safe and it will not damage your ear. There are many that believe otherwise but this is not at all true. We highly recommend the use of a hearing aid that includes Bluetooth technology.