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Cool Hearing Aid Designs

by Blog Editor on October 1, 2014

The arena of hearing aids is witnessing a fashion revolution right now. When the young and the fashionable have to use this device it certainly has to undergo some fashionization. Here we’re going to introduce 12 fashions or 12 designs in hearing aid that confirms this revolution.

Fancy Hummingbird

Much explanation may not be needed. This is a fancy item from the DIY set of accessories. The hearing aid is converted into a colorful hummingbird for the people at the far end of the spectrum.

Snazzy SoundsGood Hear-Ring

The very look of it is very future-y that you may think of it as a prop in a science fiction movie. The earring consists of a mini music visualizer which can visualize dynamic waveforms of the sounds that the device captures.

Funky Plug

This maybe for a minority, but they too deserve a share of fashion. The hearing aid transforms into a hardcore funky piercing, which is very customizable to your requirements and aesthetics.

From the future, Babelfisk

The concept of this device can exist only in science fiction movies. This device doesn’t amplify or render sounds for the hearing impaired, but just add subtitle to the conversation. The device is constituted in a retro looking glass. The speech recognition software identifies the words through lip movements and shows it on the glass.

Smooth and Sleek WireEar

WireEar is a hearing aid with an award winning design meant to strike with functionality. The sleek design provides the mic in front of the ear and the speaker deep inside the ear canal. This has double merit, as this can eradicate common hearing aid problems like echoes and poor sound quality.

Siemens Vibe:

The Siemens vibe has a leopard print design and sits comfortably at the crest of the ear. The presence of the device is subtle and leaves most the ear canal open.

Solar Powered Hearing Aids for the tribes

This is specially designed for the tribes of Africa as they don’t like to wear something all the time inside their ear. It is solar powered and needs to put close to the ear when it’s required.

Preistman Goode’s Decibel

This device shields the user’s ears from the noisy environment but allows certain sounds such as a mobile phone or an MP3 player.

IDEO Hearing Aid

The concept was to link a mic to a conductive strip running around the edge of table in the bar. Customers can buy cheap earpieces that allow them to converse in low natural voice rather than yelling.

Universal HearRing

This is just a housing which can fit a variety of hardware such as a mobile handset, digital hearing aid or a wireless MP3 player.

Human Beans’ Goldfish Hearing Aid

This is a hearing aid with replay capacity. It can record last ten seconds of sound and replay on demand

Stylish HearRings

HearRing is as the name suggests, an earring turned hearing aid. It is designed by partially deaf audiologists for their own use. The commercial version of the ‘HearRings’ are made with Swarovski crystals and are available in a variety of colors.

Is Buying Hearing Aids Online A Safe Choice?

by Blog Editor on September 7, 2014

There was a time when people suffering from hearing loss had no options but to invest thousands of dollars on hearing aids. In those days, there were limited options available and the prices were too high. Hearing devices were quite big and they wouldn’t even include many features. Today, there are more choices when it comes to models and prices. Modern hearing aids make use of advanced technologies and are equipped with features to make life easy and enjoyable for those suffering from hearing loss.

Whatever degree of hearing loss you are suffering, there are hearing devices to suit every need. When it comes to buying hearing aids, there are two options people have. Firstly, they can visit a traditional hearing aid centre or they can buy online. Buying from a traditional store can be quite expensive and this is one of the reasons people consider buying online. But is buying hearing aids online safe?

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Myths Surrounding Digital Wireless Hearing Aid Technology

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