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Beltone Optima

Beltone offers a wide variety of hearing devices designed to fit nearly every hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. Beltone believes life should sound good. That is why they are offering advanced digital products like the Optima In-the-Ear (ITE) hearing instrument. This aid is fits almost all types of hearing losses and patient needs and is tops on cosmetics. It employs the The Oria™ circuit with key features including advanced features designed to help you hear sounds comfortably in a variety of listening situations such as:

  • 12 Channels of Digital Signal Processing -Automatically adjust the amount of amplification you need to help you hear soft sounds and keep loud sounds from becoming uncomfortable.
  • Speech Pattern Detection™- Analyzes the signal and automatically reduces amplification when it identifies that only non-speech like sounds are occurring, so that your listening comfort is maintained.
  • Sound Cleaner Pro™: a sophisticated noise reduction system that adjusts sound amplification
  • Silencer System™: Minimizes low-level noise
  • Spatial Directionality™: Allows you to hear conversations clearly in noisy environments. Voices sound natural and background sounds are still audible but not distracting
  • Wind Noise Suppression: Suppresses noise caused by wind, so you can enjoy outdoor activities

Beltone has developed an exclusive feature and fitting software to make your transition to Beltone Optima as smooth as possible. Beltone continuously develop technological features for Optima and its other numerous hearing aid products like Beltone Touch™,  Marq™,  EDGE™,  One™/Mia™,  Opera Plus™,  Petite Plus™ and  Invisa™. The Optima aids are the more normal type which is certainly visible to others, but the price point is much less, and they are very rugged. These are ideal for blocking out background noise as well because of the high-end filtering technology.

It is always in your best health interest to get a professional medical evaluation before buying any hearing aid. Review the contents of brochures and find time to read all details of the product you intend to buy.  This allows you to choose the best Optima Digital Hearing Aid you can have custom made with features that will suit your basic hearing needs like programmable  overall gain, low frequency gain, high frequency gain, frequency response, compression characteristics, noise reducer, speech silencer, sound cleaner and adaptive AFC. Also check for warranties and look in comparative price charts for other brand products in the same category.

Optima In-the-Ear (ITE) hearing instruments fully fill the outer ear. Their larger size can accommodate special controls, such as directional microphones, often located on the outside of the hearing aid. The bigger battery can power a bigger receiver, making Optima™ ideal for more profound hearing losses.