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Baha Hearing Aid

Baha hearing aids are officially known as bone anchored hearing aids. We are basically in front of a hearing aid device that is surgically implanted in order to treat hearing loss problems.  Baha hearing aids will use direct bone conduction, which is special technology that sees sound conducted through our bones instead of through our middle ear. This type of device first appeared in 1977 and started to be legally available and approved by the FDA in USA in 1996.

A baha hearing aid is made out of 3 important parts. We thus have the actual implant, the external abutment and one sound processor. These parts will work together in order to enhance bone transmission of the individual while also offering a pathway for the sound to enter his/her inner ear. We basically bypass the middle ear and the auditory canal.

Baha hearing aids consist of tiny titanium pieces that are put where they are needed by using a surgical procedure. The titanium piece will eventually integrate naturally with the skull bone as time passes. A sound processor will transmit vibrations through an external abutment and we thus see vibrations moving through bones. Hearing is allowed thanks to inner ear and skull vibrations that will stimulate nerve fibers.

Baha Hearing Aid ComponentsA baha hearing aid stands out as a great solution for those that suffered from chronic ear infection that led to hearing loss or congenital defects of the middle ear. We are in front of a device that will bypass middle and outer ear in order to get to our inner ear. If the inner ear is not affected and works properly we will be able to use baha hearing aids. In the event that you still have ear infections you should not be afraid because the devices will not make the situation worse like other hearing aid types.

In the event that you cannot properly adapt to regular hearing aids you might also want to opt for the bone anchored variation. It is perfect because it eliminates discomfort while also helping in relieving all problems that are linked with amplification and feedback.

The baha hearing aid is also of great help if you have one deaf ear. In fact, this is one of the best solutions possible if you have unilateral deafness. Before these gadgets appeared you did not have the chance to do much and most people had problems with regular hearing aids. FDA has acknowledged that baha hearing aids are a great solution for fixing unilateral deafness. In this case you will see that the device will actually be placed on the deaf ear side.

On the whole we can say that a baha hearing aid is the best solution for those that have problems with the middle and outer ear. We are in front of a highly comfortable solution that once properly implanted we have no chance of noticing it. Also, in the event that you are not happy with the regular hearing aids on the market, you should seriously consider this alternative.