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Audina Hearing Aids Prices

In the same way that one would opt for a certain hospital in order to gain quality health care services, the same case applies to the choice of hearing aid brands. Without doubt, there are a number of brands out there and choosing the best might prove to be a daunting task. Fortunately, this article has made it easier by choosing the best brand out there and selecting some of the best hearing aid models that a patient can buy. Audina hearing aids are the best in the market as they offer unique hearing aids capable of meeting patient’s demands in every way.

The following are some of the models that one can choose from:

Intuition 6: Just as the name suggests, Intuition 6 has got six compression channels. Also, this model has access to twelve exclusive gain bands. Both of these features ensure that a patient gains maximum flexibility in using the hearing aid device. In terms of feedback cancelation, Intuition 6 is also reliable since it is fast as compared to previous versions. The best part is the fact that this device is capable of recognizing the environment that a patient is in. This means that it will also provide for optimum comfort even in noisy environments.

Intuition 2 – price $955: Audina strives to provide hearing aid devices that are built with the latest digital technologies. In relation to this, one of such devices is Intuition 2. It offers ten gain channels and two compression channels. Patients using this hearing aid can also adjust volumes with ease since its volume control feature can be adjusted manually.

Simplex -price $899: Another Audina hearing aid that stands out from the rest is the Simplex model. This model is easy to use as it requires no configurations using computers. The volume control can be adjusted manually or automatically. There are also different instrument styles that a patient can choose from. Therefore, a patient would not only be buying any hearing aid instrument but they would be buying something that suits their needs in every way.

BTE 6AD – price $995: Just like intuition 6, BTE 6AD has got six compression channels and twelve exclusive gain bands. This is meant to boost target matching by offering maximum flexibility. Additionally, the feedback cancellation systems are also quite fast and easily adapts to the patient’s environment.

Lastly, from the above, it is evident that Audina hearing aids meet client’s demands by offering different models of hearing aids that have unique features. Besides, these instruments have got fair price tags to save on expenses that would be incurred in buying more than one device to boost one’s hearing capacity.