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Audina Hearing Aids

It is quite fortunate that hearing problems have become a common problem that can easily be solved. This is done through the use of hearing aids such as Audina hearing aids. This is an excellent brand of hearing aid devices that has been there for more than 20 years now. Indeed, experience works miracles for them considering the numerous hearing aid models that they have to offer to its clients. Below are just but a few of the many hearing aid devices that you can get from Audina:

Note: Prices vary depending on your location and services bundles with the hearing aid.


– price $1299
Truth be told, there are situations in which you would not like people to know that you have a hearing problem. In some cases, this raises several questions that you simply want to avoid at all cost. Well, in this case, Cue is one of the best Audina hearing aid models to settle for considering the fact that it is totally invisible once placed in the ear. This implies that no one would be able to see the device unless you inform them that you are using hearing aid. This model is also incorporated with SoftTouchTM technology.

Sparo (Family)

– price $849
This is a perfectly fitting model that is of the open fit type. It also has got different channels including 12, 4 or 2 channels to boost sound clarity. This model gives the patient the freedom of changing feedbacks depending on the environment that they are in. this is helped by the Adaptive Feedback cancelation feature that tags along. The best part is that they are much faster than previous systems in terms of feedback changing speeds. Now they can change in 300 milliseconds as compared to a speed of 1 or 2 seconds in previous systems.

BTE 478P

To boost your hearing capacity in more than two different environs BTE 478P is a good choice. They also ensure that a patient gets high outputs from the environments that they are in. their excellent designs are also meant to boost the comfort that a patient would be getting in using the Audina hearing aid device.

Intuition 12

– price $939
There are those hearing aid devices that would only help you for a short time before their batteries drain out. This causes a lot of inconvenience since you would not be able to hear perfectly for the rest of the day. To avoid such situations, Intuition 12 is the best model that one should buy. This model saves on battery hence can be used for a long period without having to be charged. There are also different styles available to choose from implying that a patient would not run out of options when selection one that suits them best.